Review of When Pigs Fly Album by The Chicharones

The cool and classy Chicharones release 'When Pigs Fly' on Bella Union Music. The interesting artwork sets the tone for this hip hop duo who are from the creative mould of rap, introduced by the likes of De La Soul and A Tribe called Quest. All the lyrics are written by Sleep and Josh Martinez and the production is done by Plan G. The MCing is well done with definite creative skill, nice wordplay and it all has a positive nature that will hit chords with a large audience, plus invoke some conscience thought. The production is from the funk school, 'Pork Rind Discotheque' has samples from the O'Jays and it works well with the crisp beats and scratching. There's piano samples and guitar chords throughout the album that always adds class to hip hop. The beats are crisp and laid back. 

The Chicharones When Pigs Fly Album

Smooth is the word I'd use to describe this album. It has a nice groove throughout the album that rolls along at a good pace. These guys are artists first rather than gangsters and the music speaks for itself in a creative and inventive way.

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