Review of Pork Rind Disco EP Review EP by The Chicharones

The Chicharones

The Chicharones - Pork Rind Disco EP Review

The Chicharones - Pork Rind Disco EP Review

Classic, brilliant and different and jazzy and funky How else can I describe these guys who hail from Vancouver , Canada ?

With a heavy emphasis on melody and old fashioned solid song writing, Sleep and Josh Martinez have created a brilliant EP that features strong lyrics, fluid storytelling and catchy beats.

Absolutely loving the Pork Rind Disco track!!! The EP is a blend of rap with party rap, brilliant melody, and unstoppable hooks.

It's obvious that on this CD, both Sleep and Josh hit off each other with their different background genres and collectively come together to make some wicked tracks!

Extensive touring and summer festival dates are coming up this year too for the Canadian boys who look set to unleash their every hit on the crowds.

My favourite track by far is Guys like me. It just reminds me of the guys that sang Butterfly a mix of rap and funky dance in the background of the song!

The instrumentals are brilliant too, they just want to make you relax and chill out.

Candice Finney