Since Contact Music spoke to UK band The Chevin, their highly anticipated first album 'Borderland' has been released and they have returned to the US to continue touring with various other American bands.

It seems America has become their second home, yet it's their first home for success as, in a reverse turn of the standard fate, their popularity grew infinitely more rapidly over there than at in their native England. This is due, in large part, to their appearance on the massively popular David Letterman Show earlier this year, which bolstered their exposure enormously. But why have they found so much more success over there than at home? Why have neither Jonathan Ross nor Jules Holland given the young Yorkshire lads a little look in?

While we can't vouch for the decisions of Ross or Holland, but the mere sound of The Chevin is far more suited to the Amercan indie scene than what's going on in Europe. The Chevin really do sound a lot like The Killers, or, more precisely, lead vocalist Coyle Girelli really does sound a lot like Brandon Flowers. It's not merely the range that's similar- which the band themselves put the comparison down to- it's Girelli's tone, as well as the set up of the band. Comparing the opening of The Chevin's 'Drive' to Flower's 'Only the One' and the similarity is laid bare- in absolutely the most positive way.

Letterman's response to the band on his show, back in August, certainly helped the band. Not only was he seriously impressed by the rural British band, but he seemed genuinely shocked at their talent, praising Girelli's voice in particular. .

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