The Chainsmokers have completed their latest album.

The 'Closer' hitmakers, which is comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart - have revealed they have finished working on their debut album titled 'Memories: Do Not Open', which is set to be unveiled on April 7.

The electronic dance duo announced they had finished their latest compilation on Twitter.

They simply wrote: ''And it's done... (sic)''

However, the band were due to complete the artistry six weeks later.

Drew, 27, accidentally let slip the album's release date about the album last month.

Speaking previously, he said: ''We're ready. We've got a full album; it's going to be amazing. It's coming out April 7, was I supposed to say that?''

And fellow band member, Alex, 31, said: ''No, but it's alright.''

However, Drew didn't stop there and continued to reveal more details.

He added: ''Okay. Anyway, it's coming out really soon. It's called 'Memories: Do Not Open.'''

The Chainsmoker's upcoming album will feature entirely new singles, which have yet to be released or heard of, as well as their recent release 'Paris'.

Speaking previously about the album, they said: ''It's gonna be all new music minus Paris (sic)

''The fact that it tells a story (sic).''