The Chainsmokers are scared about seeing 'IT'.

The duo - comprised of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall - have admitted they are desperate to watch the upcoming thriller, which is set to hit the big screens on September 8, but ''every bone'' in their body is telling them not to watch the film.

The 'Closer' hitmaker's tweeted: ''every bone i my body is saying don't go see the movie IT (sic).''

And the musicians are fearful they won't be able to ''sleep for a week'' after watching the production.

They continued: ''cause i wont sleep for a week but man i cannot wait to see it! (sic).''

Meanwhile, the pair are set to take to Asia as part of their 'Memories' tour, which will see them start the first leg of their string of concerts in Mumbai, India, on September 7.

The Chainsmokers shared the details of their tour on the micro-blogging site with an image of the full list of tour dates.

They captioned the post: ''Only about a week left till we hit ASIA!!!!! Who is coming out!?! (sic).''

The Chainsmokers will travel around various destinations for 10 days, which will see them wow crowds in New Delhi, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, as well as venues in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, before closing their Asia tour in Japan on September 17.