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The Bronx The Bronx Album

The Bronx truly epitomise the best qualities and excesses of gritty, dirty rock 'n' roll. Like the bastard offspring of the Stooges and the Hives, raised on a diet of sleaze, drugs and guitars, these guys are a musical rabbit punch, residing somewhere in a filthy netherworld between punk, metal and hardcore.

The fact that this was recorded as a band, rather than multi-tracked adds to the raw feel. Gravel throated vocals fight for space with a pounding, brutal rhythm section, whilst the guitars buzzsaw their way through the mix.

The songs have a strutting swagger to them, particularly single cut 'History's Stranglers' and 'Around the Horn' This is fresh, real and a break from the wave of tedium that makes up most modern music. The Bronx - a ghetto you'll want to return to.

Richard Edge

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