Review of History's Stranglers Single by The Bronx

The Bronx
History's Stranglers
Single Review

The Bronx History's Stranglers Single

Despite a slightly geographically confusing moniker, Los Angeles based The Bronx, manage in 12 seconds under three minutes to deliver the sort of aural punch to the face that most bands struggle for their entire careers to achieve.

Recorded completely live, the sound is pure, gritty and harsh. This is the sound of the Stooges for the new millennium. Raw-throated vocals scream over a train wreck of a rhythm section, whilst guitars pummel the senses.

With a chorus that appears to feature the lyric 'Motherf**er I want your blood!' you get the impression that the Bronx are certainly as tough as the ghetto from whence they take their name. Sonic brutality at is dirtiest and best.

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