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The Brightlights
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The Brightlights Inspired By Single

Teenage quartet The Brightlights hails from the fishing port town of Grimsby. The decision of three members to pursue a music career as opposed to one in football appears to be paying off nearly two years after their first gig; they performed at the most recent V Festival after winning a competition. To coincide with this release they are currently on tour across the UK.

If up-tempo indie is your kind of thing then you may well be impressed by The Brightlights. 'Inspired By' rolls along with plenty of stomp to clap along with and is a sound not too unlike that produced by Kings Of Leon. Indeed, lead vocalist Leon Blanchard has vocals that could double for the Tennessee band's Caleb Followill, and while they've not quite got the same knack for a catchy tune, they're certainly not off.

Alex Lai

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