Review of Watermark EP by The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

Review of The Boy Who Trapped The Sun's EP titled Watermark released through Country Punk.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun Watermark EP

It's difficult to give a singer-songwriter who describes himself as 'the pseudo-offspring of Cash and Drake' a fair chance. That is the press blurb from Colin MacLeod, aka The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, and you find yourself hoping such big talk is all very tongue in cheek.

Watermark EP is a four track introduction to the talents of The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, and whilst the potential is there, it is likely that there is much better to come in the future.

'Leaving' is a relatively jovial opener, perhaps lulling listeners into thinking The Boy Who Trapped The Sun is all about optimism. That thought is soon quashed with the remaining tracks, but not as forcefully is you might imagine. 'Eve' is probably a more typical track from this singer-songwriter. Dark and tuneful, it progresses in a hushed manner with dulcet guitar work. 'Fragile Eyes' is the strongest track on the EP, as the lyrics are believable and easy to relate to; the strength of The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - even if he is singing about lost loves, he manages to do it in a way that makes you believe what he's saying. This is no small feat.

'The Water Mark' is the biggest ballad on the EP; it's thoughtful and full of meaning, although there is the possibility that MacLeod's vocals will grate across a whole album.

There will no doubt be comparisons with the likes of Damien Rice, but The Boy Who Trapped The Sun seems more wistful than melancholic. Water Mark EP is a nice collection of tracks overall and with a little bit more diversity, it will be interesting to see if he can produce an album deserving such a comparison.

Rating: 6/10

Katy Ratican

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