Review of Old Home Movies Album by The Botticellis

Read our album review of 'Old Home Movies' by The Botticellis released through Antenna Farm.

The Botticellis Old Home Movies Album

San Francisco based The Botticellis seem to fill the musical space Travis once held, 70’s rock that takes influence from many 70s Californian bands and styles, recently The Botticellis have acquired much critical acclaim and perhaps a little too much hype for their sub-Teenage Fanclub rock, unfortunately this album’s sounding a little too ordinary, Old Home Movies isn’t offensive listening, but still doesn’t hit so highly on the ‘reasons to listen to and invest in this album’ scale.

With a sound that’s full of shimmery guitars, and song structures much like The Shins, you would think you’re onto a winning formula but unfortunately there’s an overwhelming feel and sound of ennui and incomplete lazy sunbathing psychedelia.

The overall result is an album that’s just OK. A decent set of songs but nothing more appealing than that, the shimmering guitars do help carry it but never achieve anything of real substance.

Rating 6/10

Mike Rea

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