Review of Fastboy/ Liquid Lips Single by The Bluetones

The Bluetones - Fastboy/ Liquid Lips
The Bluetones - Fastboy/ Liquid Lips (released 21.04.03)
The Bluetones are battling to stave off the decline that has affected so many of their Britpop contemporaries. Recently it has not been all doom and gloom for them as they can still check the Top 40 with a degree of expectation after issuing a single. This can be attributed in part to their willingness to slog around the country promoting their tunes. This year is already no exception because on March 16 they began a mammoth fifty-date UK tour playing disconcertingly intimate venues.

The double A-side single, 'Fastboy/ Liquid Lips' is the first release from their as yet untitled new album, which is due to reach the shops in May. It is their first new material since the two add on tracks that were included on last year's presumptuous greatest hits album.

Fastboy is a return to the early Bluetones recipe of pure indie pop perfection, which should ensure that they get the desired Sunday evening mention on Radio 1. Second song, Liquid Lips sounds like Terrorvision without the impetus of raging guitars and is the kind of insignificant track that gives fuel to the bands detractors. Nevertheless, at least Fastboy should delight existing 'tones fans, although with no bonus tracks on the single it would be cheaper just to hang on for the new album.

Gavin Eves

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