Review of After Hours Single by The Bluetones

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6.The Bluetones "After Hours"
Quoting influences such as ELO and Queen and sounding very much like Prefab Sprout, the Bluetones return after one hell of a holiday " no wonder everybody wants to be a popstar.The single is "After Hours", and it sees the band in an ever optimistic mood. An uplifting shindig of Wings style piano and the best of pops catchy choruses erupts into a rock guitar solo and an undoubted hit. The single comes with further examples of their toils including a cover of the Beach Boys "Sail On Sailor" and Barbara Streisands "A Woman In Love" which sounds like a dodgy version your hear down at your local Budgens superstore.It clear what this band are aiming for, and its not credibility " but chart success, And it looks like theyve probably got it.