Review of User Friendly Single by The Blueskins

The Blueskins

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The Blueskins: User Friendly Single (Domino Recordings)

The Blueskins

User Friendly Single

(Domino Recordings)

If many more bands hop on the “Blues Rock Revolution” bandwagon, then it is sorely in danger of getting a flat tyre. Wakefield’s The Blueskins are an interesting introduction to the aforementioned scene, as they have the added dimension of a backing choir to cushion the blow of the hard hitting rock sound of front man Ryan Spendlove.

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‘User Friendly’ is a catchy fast paced, old style two minute, blues related tune with a choral introduction and element running through it. Think The D4 backed by the Polyphonic Spree backing choir. The lyrics are predictably cynical in places, not ones to listen to with your loved one:

“And if you’re dating, you’ll be better off dead “

The single is complemented by stereotypical blues rock B sides “give me your hand” and “blue sneakers” which are both toe tapping grooves, which make you want to unpeel “The Blueskins” and discover more about them.