Review of Change My Mind Single by The Blueskins

The Blueskins
Change My Mind
Single Review

The Blueskins Change My Mind Single

I'm probably the best person to review this single. When it was handed to me and told it's being used in an advert I was blanked faced, then I was told the band is from Leeds, which I was also unaware of! The former isn't really surprising I don't really watch TV but I thought I knew of most the bands in Leeds. Anyway this is just my way of explaining that I sat down to listen with no preconceptions.

After hearing this you'd never guess they're from Leeds. You'd think they were born somewhere near the Mississippi. It's a raucous song that fair rattles along, full of steel guitars and a voice you can only get from drinking too much cheap whiskey. Apparently its getting re-released because of appearing in said advert, which brings up its on set of preconceptions and no doubt some accusations of "selling out". Well so what? Ignore them and buy it anyway simply because it's a cracking tune.

Neil Addison

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