Review of Young Machetes Album by The Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
Young Machetes
Album Review

The Blood Brothers Young Machetes Album

Bands that have a sound that genuinely begin to transcend genre boundaries are a rarity, and it is thus blessed territory that Blood Brothers occupy. Attempts at pigeonholing the sound previously seemed to have fallen over after utterances of 'screamo', 'spazzcore' etc. Suffice it to say that we're in the world of post-hardcore here, although a strange hybrid world it is.

Take a pinch of At The Drive In, and add some of the more operatic tendencies and instrumentation of Muse, and your still nowhere near.

The album is a beautiful mix of screaming, discordant assaults on the senses, eg "Set Fire To The Face On Fire" and "Huge Gold AK-47" They really are in a sonic league of their own with this material. With two singers, and song titles as bizarre as this Blood Brothers should go far.

Richard Edge

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