Review of Domino Effect Album by The Blizzards

Review of The Blizzards album Domino Effect

The Blizzards Domino Effect Album

This is a really good album. It pleases me to listen to. Wacky indie rockers The Blizzards (an excellent signing for Island if I do say so) play a blend of Modest Mouse and Scouting For Girls, to compare a great band to a not so great band, in the case of the latter, but it's that similar sort of happy-go-lucky style combined with the clever songwriting and instrumentation of the former. I'm not saying they're world changers, but I'd definitely buy this record going off the strength of the singles, I imagine these guys will start cluttering up the airwaves fairly shortly.

The album doesn't push the wacky too far, it doesn't become stupid and seems more charming than anything else, really adds to the effect, and the songs are strong enough to carry pretty much anything off. I can't say enough about how excellent this is, and it's with surprise that I give it a full endorsement; I was fully expecting the album to grate painfully by the end even if the start was lovely, but the band seem to settle into a rhythm as it progresses.

Other things I enjoy include socialising and long walks along the beach. But mostly, this album.

Conrad Hughes

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