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The Black Crowes
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The Black Crowes Warpaint Album

If, for you, bands should be held in amber, delivering up the same stuff album after album, Warpaint will light your fire. Their first studio album in seven years, and their seventh overall, Warpaint could have been recorded at any point in the band's career. With Luther Dickinson, from North Mississippi Allstars stepping in on guitar, there is no change to the swampy blues rock feel, or to Chris Robinson's fantastic lead vocal.

It is easy to put this up against Southern Harmony and claim that it is a weaker album, but that would ignore how great the music feels. The swagger (outswaggering Aerosmith or Guns'n'Roses), the soul, the feeling and energy are all intact - Warpaint needs make no excuses for itself, as this is a great Black Crowes record - the band is still vital, an essential rock band doing what they do so well. Like Oasis' last, the take-away is that this is a band that wants to compete again, to do something other than coast on past successes. Warpaint rocks hard - it is a delightful album to keep on 'repeat', and that is a great thing to be writing about a new Black Crowes album. Album of the week.


Mike Rea

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