The Band Perry star Kimberly Perry was left battered and bruised after reaching out to fans while performing at a concert in Ontario, Canada over the weekend (03-04Aug13).

The singer took to the stage at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival with her sibling bandmates Neil and Reid Perry on Saturday (03Aug13), and she was hurt when overly enthusiastic fans pulled her against the barrier separating the band from the audience.

The star suffered bruising and an abrasion to her leg and also ripped her dress during the frenzy, but, instead of rushing offstage for an outfit change, she tore off the ripped fabric and threw it into the crowd.

She tells Country Weekly, "It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even realise that my leg had been hurt. I just noticed the rip in my dress and saw that part of it was just hanging by a thread, so I ripped off the rest and tossed it out into the crowd. It was one of those sweaty, primitive stage moments I live for."