As the finale of the latest season of The Bachelorette draws near, it was that time again to line up all those who hadn't made it to the final heat and go through with them just why they didn't stand a chance with this seasons eligible woman; Desiree Hartsock.

The 'Men Tell All' special began with a taped segment showing showing Des and this years Bachelor Chris Harrison crashing viewing parties in New York and Los Angeles, with past Bachelorettes (and their partners) Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum, Jason and Molly Mesnick, and Trista Sutter even making a surprise appearance at the screening. Next up was another taped segment, with Des, Ashley and fellow former Bachelorettes Ali and Emily all hooking up to to discuss the 'bad boys' of the show, and how Des can avoid them - with Ben, James and Brian coming under scrutiny in particular.

Then it was time for the confrontation - which Brian conveniently decided to ditch, not that it cleared him of facing any scrutiny - with Ben and James getting the biggest earful of the night when they eventually took to the confrontation (they were the biggest scumbags of the season after all, along with Brian). Jonathan, who was kicked out on the first night, was first up, although it seemed as though no-one really remembered who he was, so he got away lightly. "I really sucked that night," he conceded.

Then it was back to the villains again, with Brian supposed to be up first, but as Mikey said, thats probably because he is a "coward." Even if he wasn't there, that didn't mean that people weren't willing to really stick it to him, particularly Brandon, who as we all remember broke down in tears when Brian's girlfriend, a single mother, showed up at the house to confront him and warn Des of his cheating ways. As Brandon, the son of a single mother, rightly said, "You don't do that to a woman, ever."

Fan favorite Juan Pablo was up next, bringing his like-ability with him in spades. We kind of forgot why there was such an outcry when he was dropped, but it didn't take long for us to remember. Ben followed him, trying his hardest to explain his uncouth ways, but just ended up coming across as being even more of a douche. All hope might not be lost for Ben though, as he said the show had helped him find "ways to improve [himself]."

James was next, and unsurprisingly he didn't see anything wrong with the way he acted pon the show and seemed to still be baffled as to why he was given the boot in the first place. He even went on to shift the blame for his exit on the other housemates, alleging that he was "bullied" by Kasey and Drew. He ended his confrontation by saying, "I think there's a few guys that owe me an apology."

Believe it or not, but no-one was willing to offer up an apology, and so the berating moved on to the next ditched Bachelor; Zak. He seemed a little upset about his axing still, but conceded that Des had to do what she felt she had to do and gladly moved on. The drama was amped up even more after this, as the boys were all let loose on each other, and on Des, to go over what they all thought of each other. It wasn't pretty, but it sure was entertaining.

Be sure to tune in to "the most dramatic finale of The Bachelorette" - as per Chris Harrison's promise.