Emily Maynard, a former Bachelorette, tied the knot on Saturday (7th June). The 28-year-old single mother from North Carolina married Tyler Johnson in a large ceremony in Sharon, South Carolina. 

Emily Maynard
Emily Maynard is married!

Maynard released news of her engagement back in January and posted a detailed blog entry on her website. Maynard designs jewellery and keeps her Bachelorette fans up to date with a section dedicated to her life. After announcing her engagement and showing off her engagement ring, Maynard mentioned her worry about planning a wedding and even claimed she'd happily fly off to Las Vegas for a quick ceremony. However, her plans were more elaborate than a simple ceremony in the Elvis Chapel. The ceremony, held last night as Johnson's family barn, was a secret one as the 200 guests were treated to a surprise party - and wedding! The couple have reportedly been planning the surprise ceremony for three months.

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The ceremony may have taken a long time to plan but it was certainly a laid back affair. Maynard wore cowboy boots underneath a pale pink Modern Trousseau gown. The ceremony took place outside with lanterns lighting the way to the make shift altar where Johnson waited for his bride under an oak tree.  Maynard's eight-year-old daughter, Ricki, acted as her mother's maid of honour.

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The couple didn't meet on a reality show but instead at church! Speaking to People, Maynard said "God brought us together. He's given me such peace about everything. I'm so grateful I met him." The couple met a number of years ago and began dating early last year. Maynard is pleased she did not meet Johnson on the show as she is "embarrassed" by her stint on The Bachelorette and her televised engagements.