The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard went crazy on contestant Kalon in a rare show of anger during the latest episode of the reality show. As has been widely reported, Kalon referred to Maynard's daughter Ricki as "baggage", something she didn't take too kindly to on Monday (June 11, 2012).
During a trip to London, Kalon's fellow contestant Doug thought it would be a good idea to tell Emily what his rival had said about her daughter. The Bachelorette exploded upon hearing the news, saying, "[I'm] so angry right now.I'm trying to think of the most ladylike way I can handle it. . I want to go off. I wanna go West Virginia hoodrat backwoods on his ass". Maynard chose a traditional London pub to air her views on the matter, and put Kalon in his place, yelling, "For anyone to say (my daughter) is baggage does not deserve to be on any date with me.She's the furthest thing from baggage. It makes me sad for you, not for me. Is there anything you can say?". When Kalon shrugged, "No, not at all", Emily yelled, "Then, get the f*ck out!...How dare you! That is so disappointing on so many levels".
The departure of Kalon enabled fellow contestant Jef to seize the initiative and take Emily on her next date. It seemed to work perfectly, and the couple shared a kiss in the final moment