The key to the bachelor and its on-going success is that there are always people that are single in America, which means that there are always contestants who’ll want to appear in the long running ABC series. There’s also another reason why folks might want to be the bachelor in particular: the tidy salary they get given for taking part. However, we’re that in the case of the new unlucky-in-love singleton Sean Lowe he is genuinely looking for a partner.

Lest we forget – and CNN have reported it so that we won’t – Lowe came third on the last season of The Bachelorette as Emily Maynard, so he has a fair idea of what’s going on in the series, which sees a bevvy of women whittled down (in choice, nothing more malicious) until the bachelor is left with the one he wants to be with forever (or until all the TV hype dies down , they get bored of each other and split.) The premiere for the new season aired last night (January 7) and saw Lowe meet women including Desiree, a bridal stylist, Tierra, an excitable Colorado native and Ashley P, who seems to be a crazy cat sort of woman.

Ashley P was never going to last the course, and she was the first to be booted out. Paige and KeriAnn were the other two of the 25 to get their marching orders, in spite of the latter telling Lowe that she’d driven “2775 miles” to meet him. Ouch.