Gia Allemand's friends have come forward to tell a New York newspaper the bachelor star suffered from depression and was concerned at the state of her relationship with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson.

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand at a 2010 MTV Event in L.A.

Allemand was found unconscious on Monday by her boyfriend NBA player Anderson. It appears she hung herself in a suicide attempt which, although prolonged, was eventually and sadly successful. She was taken off life support on Wednesday 14th August after "critical loss of brain and organ function".  

She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. When the news broke on Tuesday, her representative released a statement saying Allemand was in a critical condition "following a serious medical event." It has later transpired Allemand was hospitalised as a result of this suicide attempt. 

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand (C) with Krisily Kennedy (L) and The Bachelor contestant Peyton Wright (R).

A number of her friends have spoken to the New York Post, claiming Allemand suffered from depression and was concerned about her relationship with Anderson. According to these sources, Allemand has a history of depression. One source, speaking to the paper, shared their reaction of learning about Allemand's suicide attempt. Stating "I'm not that shocked, because of her ups and downs." They continued by acknowledging the relationship troubles between Allemand and Anderson, saying "she fell victim to her own perfection and they were having problems."

One source alleged she dabbled in prescription drugs and cocaine. Referring to this habit, the source said upon hearing Allemand has been hospitalised: "the first thing everyone thought was prescription drugs,"

Anderson told US Weekly yesterday: "Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out, and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile. She had such an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed."

He continued by thanking Gia's family, friends and fans for their support during this difficult time. He stated: "I'm deeply grateful for all the love and support we have received from family, friends and fans."

In a statement released on Wednesday shortly after her death, her family declared "loved ones and fans will remember Gia Allemand as a caring woman who loved her family and was well-known for her compassion towards animals and mission to rescue homeless pets."

Whilst Anderson added to this sentiment in his statement, sorrowfully saying: "all I have left is to cherish those memories we made together and help perpetuate the many values, faith and love that we shared."

Depression, according to a recent study by CDC, affects 1 in 10 Americans. A staggering number considering many do not visit their doctor for fear of the social stigma attached to mental illness. In the UK, every year, 1 in 4 people suffer some form of depression. 

Many do not discuss depression as many people still hold outdated ideas when it comes to mental illness. Depression does not signify weakness. Some of the greatest minds of the last century (and indeed stretching back far beyond that - to the days when depression was known as Melancholia) suffered from mental illness. These included British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who described his illness as "the black dog". 

Contactmusic sends their condolences to Gia Allemand's family and friends at this time. 

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand at a 2010 MTV Event in L.A.