People may not have been willing to pay good money to see it, but John Carter, Disney's biggest flop ever, was the most pirated movie online last week according to, which tracks BitTorrent use. Like last week and the week before, Disney/Marvel's The Avengers got no higher than No. 3 on the pirate list, with Warner Bros.' Journey 2 The Mysterious Island debuting at No. 2. Last week's most pirated film, Sony's 21 Jump Street , jumped down to No. 4, while Relativity's Act of Valor made its first appearance on the pirate list at No. 5. Meanwhile, Disney announced that people will be able to buy or rent The Avengers legally beginning September 25. Included in the package will be 9 deleted or extended scenes, a commentary by director Joss Whedon, a gag reel, and a feature titled "Assembling the Ultimate Team."