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The Automatic
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The Automatic Raoul Single

So Wales not only gave us Miss Bassey and Mr Jones, they have also given us The Automatic. The four lads from Cowbridge, on the outskirts of Cardiff release their second single Raoul on March 20th. Currently supporting the Kooks on their tour, this bunch could be one of the big acts of 2006, in fact I would put money on it. A bit White Stripes/ Franz Ferdinand/ Keiser Chiefs. A little bit good. A great single and a great, catchy chorus. A must for fans of music, a great break from listening to 2006's sons the Arctic Monkeys, although not as breathtaking lyrics as the Sheffield boys, its still definitely worth a listen and easily likeable. Thankfully an album and third single are to follow in summer, so it will not be too long a wait to see what other great possible tunes the four young boyos will come up with.

Joanne Nugent

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