Review of Fruit Album by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Review of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's debut album 'Fruit' released through Small Giants in May 09.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Fruit Album

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have enjoyed some pretty hefty radio play thanks to their song Around The Bend being used on the Apple Ipod Touch advert. This is their debut album and brings us more of their brand of Scandinavian funky electro- pop.

They are headed up by Mette Lindberg (Vocals) and Lars Iverson (Bass and keyboard) and the band can grow to six when the full compliment of instruments is used. But Lindberg and Iverson say they are neither a band nor a duo, but more a collective. I think this must help with the fluidity of their sound, which is a mixture of funk, soul and psychedelic electro-pop topped off with Mette Lindberg's quirky unpolished vocals.

The album kicks off with psychedelic, trippy Lady Jesus which has a 70s electro sound to it. Push The Envelope is a brilliantly grand number with drums and brass that sit particularly well with Lindberg's vocals. It is a shame that on occasion her vocals can be a bit too unpolished, a bit shrill. This is the exception but does detract from the music, especially on Hero.

There are a couple of stand out tracks on the album, notably Around The Bend, their best known song. It is glam pop tune with a great hook and again that distinctive addition of a brass section, pure brilliance. The Golden Age stands out too, for different reason. An upbeat swinging pop tune with a great beat, the brass adds to the quirkiness bought by the vocals and lyrics - the sort of song that instantly brings a smile to your face. Fruit, in all its psychedelic pop glory will be an album for the summer.

Rating: 7/10

Robyn Burrows

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