Review of Another City, Another Sorry Album by The Answering Machine

Review of The Answering Machine's album Another City, Another Sorry

The Answering Machine Another City, Another Sorry Album

A quartet who formed at the University Of Manchester, The Answering Machine released their debut single in 2006 but record company problems have seen this album delayed until now. In the meantime they've played at the likes of Glastonbury and currently support Twisted Wheel before hitting the road with Manic Street Preachers.

Sitting comfortably amongst the likes of The Pigeon Detectives and the energetic side of The Kooks, 'Another City, Another Sorry' showcases The Answering Machine having a knack for a decent guitar hook. The title track is a flurry of excitable energy while 'Oklahoma' is the pick of the upbeat indie-pop from which there is a few to choose from. It gets slightly formulaic and repetitive, but the middle pairing of 'Cliffer' and 'Emergency' stand out for a passionate vocal and chorus and chilled melodic groove, respectively. A touch of The Pixies can be found on 'It's Over! It's Over! It's Over!', while an acoustic riff that aches of melancholy brings the tender 'The Information' to life beautifully, augmented further with the use of strings. While they're unlikely to become genuinely huge off of the back of this album, there is enough here to suggest they can make a name for themselves and may be worth keeping an ear out for.

Alex Lai

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