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Review of The Alexandria Quartet's self-titled album

The Alexandria Quartet The Alexandria Quartet Album

I can only assume that these four musical minds have drawn inspiration for their title 'The Alexandria Quartet' from the name given to the literary tetralogy created by Lawrence Durrell. As in the series of novels, the final product consists of the same series of events, seen from four different perspectives. The group certainly give the impression that each member is acting as a unique and independent entity, but with a unified understanding of what they are expressing.

Maybe I'm digging slightly deeper than necessary, in trying to understand the reason for creating yet another Indie Pop/ Rock band. I was under the impression that the world had reached saturation point. The pleasant sounding indie rock, rolls along, serenely plucking at familiar fruit and sharing it out among the masses, knowing it will be accepted as part of the daily intake.

There is a simple satisfaction to listening to the songs unfurl, with some groovy slide guitar work from Øystein Braut. The four Norsemen of apocalyptic pop, rattle on through the tracks, with steady and unwavering vocals from Martin Skålnes. I'm sure that even the most depressed and masochistic wrist carvers would find it difficult not to be uplifted by the cool and breezy balladry, especially that contained in the song 'Get lost in the city', which I foolishly set as my alarm song one day. As it strummed into my dream pregnant mind at 7am, I found it impossible to remove. The only tried and tested method is a 2 inch diameter lead pipe to the cranium.

Although not currently in the limelight, I predict it won't take long for these guys to break into the pop charts, as they have that universally likable sound, reminiscent of 'Badly Drawn Boy' stuck in a blender with 'David Grey' with some added sprinkles of recent 'Silverchair' on top. No doubt, some of your summer days this year will be drifted away listening to the sound of a foursome. Enjoy.

Rating 6/10

Rory Taylor

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