Review of The Airborne Toxic Event Album by The Airborne Toxic Event

Review for The Airborne Event's self-titled album.

The Airborne Toxic Event The Airborne Toxic Event Album

The Airborne Toxic Event are yet another band to be hyped at the moment and they really do deserve all the positive words being written about them. They make well thought, creative indie music. Their self-titled debut is finally getting a release through Major Domo.

The band hail from LA and have managed to create an album full of jaunty and danceable indie songs, the songs manage to keep a danceable vibe but also contain lots of spikiness which keep the songs interesting.

Mikel Jollett is the frontman and his lyrics and vocal style reminisce of The Clash or if at all possible, a happier Joy Division whilst the arrangements are slightly Franz Ferdinand. From start to finish the songs remain very consistent and it's a truly enjoyable album to listen to throughout, The Airborne Toxic Event have created an album that is accessible to many music fans, not an easy task and one a lot of bands fall short. Lovers of Bloc Party through to Springsteen will find something to enjoy in this selection of songs. If there's any justice in music world at the moment, this band will be huge, they deserve it.

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Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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