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The Acorn Glory Hope Mountain Album

Indie-folk as a genre has exploded recently, with bands embracing the opportunity to add sonics to essentially acoustic music. The Acorn are a band from Ottawa, Ontario, who make the most exquisitely airy tunes sound simply beautiful. Like The Great Lake Swimmers, Tapes 'n' Tapes or Delta Spirit, their songs hold you rapt and captivated while they play - there is a sense of a McCartney-esque songwriting talent at play in the way that essentially simple songs build dynamically.

Rolf Klausener is clearly an incredible guitarist, a foundation which means his songs are limited only by his imagination rather than what he can play. Go back to this album after a week away, and you will realise that you fell in love while you were gone. The songs, unlike some indie-folk, are not all versions on a theme, but perfect little dramas, whole vignettes - imagine Talking Heads orchestration with David Byrne's annoying vocal replaced with a soulful one and a great sense of energy. This is a wonderful record that could too easily pass by without the attention it deserves.


Mike Rea

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