Review of I Can Hear Your Voice Single by The Accidental

The Accidental
I Can Hear Your Voice
Single Review

The Accidental I Can Hear Your Voice Single

The 'in' thing to do at the moment seems to be branch out away from your band and do a side project. That is exactly what The Accidental are, a side project that comprises of Sam Genders (Tunng), Stephen Cracknell (The Memory Band), Hannah Caulghlin (The Bicycle Thieves and finally Liam Bailey.

'I Can Hear Your Voice' sounds like something lifted straight out of any Jack Johnson album. There is that feel good factor in there and you get a feel of sunlight beaming down on your face. This song has been described as is it being 'about the thrill of meeting someone new'. The Accidental have produced a real feel good nice, mellow tune for you to kick your shoes off to and relax.

Mark Moore

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