The 2 Bears Stream New Single - Angel (Touch Me) [Listen] Plus New 2014 Album

The 2 Bears Stream New Single - Angel (Touch Me) [Listen] Plus New 2014 Album

The 2 Bears return from the woods with a bumping piano house banger Angel (Touch Me), the lead single from their forthcoming album The Night Is Young. 

Premiered by Annie Mac on Radio 1 last Friday, 'Angel' is inspired by the Wim Wenders' film Wings Of Desire, a romantic fantasy where angels comfort those in distress. " I really recognised the feeling people have in that movie when angels come and lay a hand on their shoulder." says Raf, "Their thoughts slow down and things they've been chewing over or worrying about seem to resolve, or get left behind at least for awhile. I think it's a feeling a lot of people know..."

Raphael 'Raf Daddy' Rundell and Joe Goddard, have been on their toes since the release of their debut LP Be Strong in January 2012. A radio favourite with singles featuring the ubiquitous Bear Hug, Be Strong was one of the most widely acclaimed dance records of 2012, helping make house music a mainstream concern once more.  

The duo met in the DJ booths of London, and from Brixton to Tel Aviv, via Cape Town, they've been sharing record decks ever since. Almost every continent has seen the two blending house, techno, ragga and more, a journey both physical and musical that has shaped the album they made on their return.

New album The Night Is Young is set for release on Southern Fried in September, bringing together the myriad sounds of their London home, with their collected influences of the globetrotting adventure the duo have experienced since their debut.

The Night Is Young - album tracklisting:
1) Get Out
2) Angel (Touch Me)
3) Money Man
4) Not This time
5) See You
6) Son of The Sun
7) Unbuild It
8) Modern Family
9) Mary Mary
10) Run Run Run
11) My Queen
12) The Night Is Young