The 1975 are desperate to headline Glastonbury Festival.

The rock band, which is comprised of Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel, feel confident they are worthy of headlining the annual music bash, which is held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, South West England in June.

However, the group have ruled out taking to the Pyramid stage next year.

The band's frontman Matt Healy, 27, told Q magazine: ''I want to headline Glastonbury! Not next year, but soon. I never used to say stuff like this - I'm not a mental, insane narcissist - but there's so much faux modesty in music now. It's transpired that we get to play arenas all over the world, so why now would I not want to headline Glastonbury?''

And the 'Chocolate' hitmakers believe if the Arctic Monkeys can take centre stage at the event, so should they.

They explained: ''I'm not being a d*******, but who is it going to be? If you want a young guitar band to headline Glastonbury in the next few years, The 1975 are the only real option ... If Arctic Monkeys can do it on their second album, I can f*****g do it, no problem.''