The 1975 are ditching their entire live set up.

The 'Somebody Else' hitmakers have suggested they will go back to more intimate performances when the coronavirus pandemic is over because frontman Matty Healy doesn't think it would be right to take such a huge spectacle on the road amid the climate crisis.

He said: ''I've f***ed off our big live show. I've just pulled it. I can't do that any more.

''I'd like to do one more of those kind of big shows at the end of isolation if we can in isolation online or something because I don't think there's going to be any shows happening, but we've all got this new world to adapt to.

''I just don't think after this, with the way the world economies are going to be and having to still put a lot of focus on the climate crisis, I just can't imagine putting all that show on a f***ing ship.

''I know my show was the most sustainable show that was happening and it was education and it was speaking to young people in a way politics wasn't, I get that, but I can't do that any more.

And Matty doesn't think he's the only artist to feel that way.

He added to Q magazine: ''I don't think anyone can really justify doing that. At least for now.

''I think I'm going to have to be cleverer with the visual element of what I do, which is obviously very important but it can't just be 40-foot f**ing screens.''

The 'Chocolate' singer thinks the group's upcoming new album, 'Notes on a Conditional Form', will mark the end of an era for them and he's looking forward to the group's next phase.

He said: ''It's always gonna be the end of an era.

''Those records happened over the span of a decade and whatever happens next will feel quite separate.

''This feels like the full circle of those kind of records.

''I'm definitely excited about the next stage of The 1975 because surely we step into a different set of clothes, culturally.''