The 1975 have launched a virtual experience for fans called 'Mindshower' - where they can go for a ''digital detox''.

Matty Healy and co have come up with the original concept using an AI-powered website, which offers their fans the chance to ''learn, create [and] share'' via a series of resources inspired by the 'Love Me' band, and particularly their music video for 'The Birthday Party'.

Some of the content their fanbase can immerse themselves, include zines, which come with previously unpublished photographs, and a whole load of other assets surrounding their upcoming LP, 'Notes On A Conditional Form', so they can make their own remixes and artwork for the record.

What's more, the indie rockers have teamed up with Amazon on a competition to win the chance to be featured in Amazon Music's marketing campaign for 'NOACF', which will appear on billboards in London, all that is required is to submit artwork for the record.

The band's Dirty Hit label owner and manager, Jamie Oborne said: ''With 'Mindshower', we wanted to offer the fans a unique insight into the world of The 1975.

''Using the creative from 'The Birthday Party' video, we worked alongside Amazon Music to create an experience where their fans can not only learn more from the band, but also use this information to create and share their own content.

''Our hope is that 'Mindshower' will serve as both an insight into the making of 'Notes On A Conditional Form' and the themes behind it, and that it will inspire fans to share their own reflections of the record through the art and music they create.''

Matty has also spoken about how technology and virtual reality (VR) will inspire their future releases.

In an interview with Vogue, he explained: ''I'm into games at the moment.

''I'm really interested in the digital space, to be honest with you.

''I'm interested in new content, whatever that is.

''You know how movies can resonate with you in a way that the games can't, and games can resonate with you in a way that music can't, and music can resonate with you in a way that literature can't?

''I want to synthesise all of those cant's - I want something where you can experience a narrative in the way that you do in a movie and you can relate to decision-making and interface in the way that you do with an amazing game and you can relate to music in the way that you do when you're creating it.

''This one experience is what I'm interested in curating.

''A lot of the 1975 stuff will be just my experimentation with the digital space, wherever that means, you know, like VR. So technology is kind of what I'm interested in.''