The 1975 get "carried away" in the studio and forget they need to play their songs live.

The alternative band's lead guitarist Adam Hann admits they often come up with complex parts, such as the nine guitars playing at the same time on 'I'm In Love With You' from their latest LP 'Being Funny in a Foreign Langauge', and have to adjust it to just three guitars on stage.

He told Total Guitar magazine: "In the studio, we never really think, 'Can we play this live?'

"That's not a thing we consider whatsoever.

Sometimes we get carried away and then at the end realise, 'Oh, S***, this is insane!'

In the mix, they've done a great job of balancing this, but at one point towards the end of 'I'm In Love With You', there's nine guitar parts going simultaneously.

The balance is clever so it doesn't sound like that, but when you open up the stems and think, 'what are we gonna play?', you have to pick three parts from these nine to work on."

Despite having five consecutive number one albums in the UK, frontman Matty Healy recently insisted he doesn't want The 1975 to be as big as the Foo Fighters.

The 'Part of the Band' singer admits the band have zero commercial ambitions and would much rather be a "small emo band" than one of the world's biggest groups.

Asked if he wants to top the charts, Matty said: “If I started caring about that now it would f****** stink. I said this ages ago, everyone wants us to become a huge rock band and we want to become a small emo band. If we become Burial, I’m way happier with that than f****** Foo Fighters, do you know what I mean? I love the Foo Fighters, but I couldn’t do that. It’s funny, there’s something about me that is very poppy and the stuff that comes out is poppy, but the references never are.”