Review of Sex EP by The 1975

Where it is wrong to fault creativity, you get the feeling that The 1975 cannot quite make up their minds what they want to be.

The 1975 Sex EP

Sex starts off with the fairly wistful and breezy anthemic pop of Intro/Set 3 which is not a million miles away from sounding like a Coldplay song. It is a mostly electronic song, and the vocals take on that kind of woozyMy Bloody Valentine feeling, but that is about as far as the comparison can go.

The next track, Undo is even more electronic, with an almost dub or reggae guitar line running through it. The vocals have an incredibly pop feel to them and would not seem out of place in the top 20. The song drags a little, but it is pleasant enough.

All well and good, but then the EP's title track takes you in an entirely other direction. Sex is a much more rock based track with big drums and a big guitar riff. It could be an entirely different band and, though it is a decent enough track, it sounds entirely out of place.

Final track You takes on a U2 kind of feel with more of those big drums echoing all over the place. It is as if two different bands have got together to do a split single, which is a little off putting.

Where The 1975 have written some very strong songs, the schizophrenic nature of this EP is a little confusing and you get a feeling that if they just chose one style to zero in on and master, they could become something very special indeed.

Ben Walton

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