Review of The Most Beautiful Ugly Album by Thavius Beck

Thavius Beck releases his new album 'The Most Beautiful Ugly' on Californian independent label Plug Research. Indeed, as a pioneer and innovator he has been recognised as an electronic musician, producer and rapper, who is a master trainer in Ableton Live.  Having worked with many diverse artists such as Nine Inch Nails to Saul Williams, Thavius Beck has established himself as a leading figure in the world of progressive experimental music with a healthy dose of street soul too!

Thavius Beck The Most Beautiful Ugly Album

This album is an instrumental album and it's futuristic; indeed, certainly in a hip hop sense. It almost seems nostalgic in a way, reminding me of street sampling in the 90's, however it's far more innovative than that. Due to the stripped down rawness of the sound, it doesn't seem too overbearing, however the complexity certainly reveals Thavius Beck as a sophisticated artist. Indeed, the flow and the punch of the album is infectious and seriously interesting. The glitch sound and hip hop feel, with the nuances of good musicianship and street soul, bring a real youthful enthusiasm to this compelling sound. There's an obvious American sound here but the influences stretch further than that. This is hip hop but not as we know it. 

'The Most Beautiful Ugly' is certainly a cool album. The production is a marvel to any discerning listener but what really smashes it is the cool subtleties. It creates a sonic master class that keeps the integrity of the Cali sound and sends a message to any musical upcoming producer as well. Bottom line, this is street funk with all the electronic magic of an experienced pioneer giving us all something to love.  'The Most Beautiful Ugly' is subtle yet profound. You could easily miss the magic but any youthful mind of imagination will be loving this! Great stuff! 

Tareck Ghoneim

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