Review of Dialogue Album by Thavius Beck

Review of Thavius Black's album Dialogue released through Big Dada.

Thavius Beck Dialogue Album

Thavius Beck is a true innovator and pioneer who's most recently known for his work with Saul Williams but let's not forget his work with Nine Inch Nails, Nas and The Mars Volta, a true mix of artists. This highlights Beck's dexterity and versatility. Certainly into innovation he recently has become an advocate for Ableton Live that is displayed most creatively on 'Dialogue'.

'Dialogue' has Thavius Beck on the mic having not done this for some ten years. Displaying what Ableton can do Beck sends us on an onslaught of big beats, inventive and experimentation hip hop. It's hard hitting and in your face. The lyrical flow is relentless and the combination of music makes for an interesting listen that certainly fits into the Big Dada camp.

'Dialogue' is an interesting listen but it's more on the creative than the soul for me. It's a showcase of interesting sounds and fusion of hip hop sentiment that is certainly progressive and innovative. It wasn't an easy listen, but it's nice to think how much grime has had an influence to evolve hip hop from America into a new form.

Tareck Ghoneim

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