Thandie Newton thought her recent comments about Tom Cruise would get her ''in trouble''.

The 47-year-old actress claimed last month that she struggled to work alongside the 'Mission: Impossible' actor, admitting to feeling ''scared'' of him on the set of the second movie in the franchise.

Speaking to 'The Big Ticket' podcast, Thandie explained: ''I was surprised by the appreciation I had got.

''I thought that I would be in trouble because that's kind of what I'm used to ... I am not even supposed to be viable anymore.

''I am a black woman, from a conventional stereotype. A 47-year-old black woman, I shouldn't even be able to get a role.''

Thandie suggested that the ''quick turnover'' in the movie industry means ''people are no longer going to pay attention'' once someone steps out of the spotlight.

However, the actress is glad that her role in 'Westworld' has kept her ''relevant and current''.

She explained: ''I have nothing to lose because I can just not get hired, which is normal for people in my generation.

''I would rather go out using this moment to ... It's not about my confessions, this is the reality of what people face.''

Thandie also admitted she was glad to have finally spoken out.

She said: ''I felt solid. That whole time ... That I know that it made people frightened. Individuals were very frightened at what might happen.

''That was hard, it was really hard to be the cause. But how far back do you go? Because I wasn't the cause of pain. I was recounting something that caused me pain. I wanted it to end.''

In July, Thandie described Tom as a ''very dominant individual who tries super-hard to be a nice person''.

However, she also admitted to being ''scared'' of the Hollywood star.

She shared: ''He was a very dominant individual.

''He tries super-hard to be a nice person. He takes on a lot. And I think he has this sense that only he can do everything as best as it can be done.''