Thandie Newton has been ''exploited'' and ''lied to'' by directors.

The 47-year-old actress - who has daughters Ripley, 19, Nico, 15, and six-year-old son Booker with husband Ol Parker - feels much more comfortable doing nude scenes on 'Westworld' because it's a ''safe'' set to work on, unlike projects in the past where she's had no control of how much of her body was seen on screen.

She said: ''In the past, I've been nude in situations that I haven't had any control over.

''I've been exploited as an actor. I've been lied to about how nude I was in a shot.

''They would say, 'Oh we're going to shoot above the nipple' and then I watched the film and everything was shown.

''Bad things can happen but it's not just sexualised stuff - it's also about safety.

''I've been in situations where, the next day, I've been horrified by what could have happened to me.

''But certain people don't care because it's like, 'We've got to get the shot'.

'''Westworld' is very different. I feel very safe during scenes where I'm not wearing much clothing.''

The 'Crash' actress is happy with her career now, but a decade ago, she was incredibly ''frustrated'' with the work she was doing.

She added to OK! magazine: ''I feel incredibly fortunate but it was when I turned mid-30s and approached 40 that I felt a frustration with the work.

''I found myself in a situation where I was working on a project and it didn't chime with my view of the world or for my hopes for women or children.

''I felt like I was betraying myself and other people.''