The Mexican pop star was telling a reporter for news show El Gordo y La Flaca how the tragedies in her life have brought her closer to her husband of 15 years when she let slip about the miscarriages.

She said, "We are more blended, we are each other's partners in crime, we are more in love, more inspired... Wow, the things we've been through together, we have shared very strong and painful things, from the kidnapping, to my mother's death, we've lost babies."

When asked about the miscarriages further, Thalia was reluctant to disclose any details, but she emphasised how the tragedies have shaped her marriage.

She continues, "I don't even know why I told you that, but it is something that is very painful to women that have gone through the same thing.

"It also wraps the feelings that I'm trying to convey, and I want to let everyone know that we have been through the most difficult times, and the most beautiful as well."

The kidnapping ordeal Thalia touched up in the interview relates to the drama surrounding the abduction of her sisters Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi 12 years ago. Both were released unharmed.