Review of L-O-V-E Album by Terri Walker

Terri Walker

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Terri Walker - L-O-V-E - Def Jam - Album Review

Terri Walker


Def Jam

Release Date 28 th March

Terri’s second album, picks up from where her debut album left off, but there is a different a huge step up in the quality of production. First up on the album is the breathtakingly soulful “This Is My Time”, sampling Dynasty’s “Adventures In The Land Of Music”, a big retro soul track from the 80’s. This same sample was used by another of our favourite soul sisters the queen of neo soul Angie Stone she

Terri Walker - L-O-V-E - Def Jam - Album Review

used it “Lovers Ghetto” last year. Terri’s version is every bit as powerful and poignant as Angie’s and could and should be a future single. The title track

“L-O-V-E” simply has to be a single, simply made for commercial radio in the UK in a similar way to how a Lemar track would be structed, happy hands in the air soul for all ages. Next up is the current single “Whoopsie Daisy”. “Hurt By Love” is a real powerful, emotional mid beat cut that really is something very special. “Star” meanwhile offers a real gem for the real fans of quality music. “Aint No Love” offers a real retro near motown era slice of soulfullness. “Feel Love” is more classic mid-beat soul for all to drool over. Finally from a pure personal, I love it to the max point of view “The One That Got Away” is one of my personal fave’s on this classy set. The lyrics, production and vocal performance are all jaw dropping. If you are 29 or younger view this as the female Lemar if you are over 30 be prepared to be shocked and have your breath taken away cause this album is something special, very special.


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