Terrence Howard's ex-wife reportedly tried to extort him over a threesome sex tape.

The 'Empire' actor is trying to get his divorce settlement from Michelle Ghent - who he married in January 2010, but split from 11 months later, with their divorce finalised in May 2013 - thrown out on grounds he signed it under duress, and his sister-in-law Yvonne Howard testified in his defence yesterday (11.08.15).

According to Yvonne, Michelle said she ''had him by the balls'' and claimed to have footage of the 46-year-old star having sex with one woman, with another woman also present and filming, TMZ reports.

Terrence paid Michelle $5,800 a month for three years but has claimed his former spouse threatened him with the release of sex tapes and intimate photos in order to get more money than she was entitled to receive.

The case comes shortly after Michelle claimed the actor had threatened to kill her during a heated argument in Costa Rica in 2013.

Though she alleged Terrence grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against the bathroom wall and began strangling her, he has has insisted it was mutual combat, claiming she pepper spayed him during the fight.

Back in June 2013, Michelle filed legal documents alleging she was sucker punched by the actor, and claimed the argument occurred because he asked if they could rekindle their romance in the wake of their divorce.

In the original documents, she claimed she pepper sprayed him because Terrence walked over to a bedside table where he kept a knife which was four to six inches in length, and at that point she claimed the actor knocked her down and kicked her repeatedly in the head.

In addition to a black eye, Michelle said she had contusions and swelling.