Teri Hatcher would be happy to star in a Desperate Housewives movie, although she does not think such a project is likely. The 48-year-old actress starred in the show as Susan Mayer and revealed, during an interview with Extra, that she'd be more than happy to reprise her role.

Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher at the London premiere of Planes.

In the interview, Hatcher discussed the importance of the show's fans and their involvement in the character's possible future revival. She said "I love the fans of the show so much, and they don't seem to be done with those characters. I think it would be great for them." 

However, Hatcher continued by saying only if the plot was right would she be happy to return to her Wisteria Lane: "if a script ever came across my lap, I would read it hoping that it would work out. Unfortunately for fans of the show, Hatcher added "I don't really see that happening." 

The creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, announced there was little possibility of a movie last year. Speaking at the ABC's Winter Press Tour in January 2012, Cherry mentioned he had spoken to Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King about the possibility of film. However, Cherry compared the two series saying "Sex and the City only did like 69 episodes. The advantage for them was they hadn't really plumped the depths of those characters". He continued by saying he was happy with the show's conclusion: "after eight years, I think we're done. I'm happy about it. It's not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with where we are."

Desperate Housewives aired on ABC from 2004-2012 and was one of the network's most popular programmes. It followed the lives of a group of women living on Wisteria Lane in the heart of fictional suburbia. Hatcher played the clumsy yet lovable Susan Mayer who, with a little help from her friends Lynette (Felicity Huffman), Bree (MARCIA CROSS) and Gabby (Eva Longoria), faced relationship ups and downs; family troubles; murders and plane crashes. 

Desperate Housewives is not the only television show which could possibly have a follow-up movie made. Julianna Marguiles has hinted at the possibility of an ER movie and Sarah Michelle Gellar has mentioned her discussions with Joss Whedon about a Buffy movie, according to E!

Marcia Cross
Marcia Cross at The Pink Party 2012 held at Hanger 8 in Santa Monica.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria at the premiere of Devious Maids held at Bel-Air Bay Club, L.A.