Teri Hatcher insists the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES stars are not type-cast - even if they do possess similarities to their onscreen characters.

Although the sexy brunette is adamant she is far more graceful in reality than her "fumbly and vulnerable" character SUSAN MAYER, she is impressed by the casting of the hit US series.

She explains, "No one actually is their character but it was good casting.

"NICOLETTE (SHERIDAN - plays EDIE BRITT) says what she feels, but she's not stealing guys. MARCIA (CROSS - plays BREE VAN DE KAMP) has a lot going on inside over a calmer exterior, but nothing to do with Bree's struggles.

"And EVA (LONGORIA - plays Gabrielle Solis) is funny and always jumping on people - but isn't a manipulative cheat."

15/06/2005 17:36