Actress pals Teri Garr and Carrie Fisher once called up the ghost of tragic comedian John Belushi while fishing for Natalie Wood's spirit off the cost of California during a spooky midnight boat ride.

Garr and Fisher joined a group of friends who were keen on finding out exactly how Wood had died in a drowning accident near the island of Catalina, but instead they conjured up the ghost of Belushi.

Gathered around a Ouija board near the cove where Wood lost her life, the drunken party attempted to contact the actress' ghost.

In her new book, SPEEDBUMPS: FLOORING IT THROUGH HOLLYWOOD, Garr recalls, "When our pointer started moving around the letter board, the ghost who revealed himself was none other than John Belushi.

"He told us that there was a conspiracy in LA involving then chief of police DARYL GATES and a prostitution ring."