British actor Terence Stamp refuses to use a cellphone - because brain surgeons don't own mobiles.
The Wanted star has always dreamed of becoming a brain surgeon and quizzes the top doctors whenever he meets one.
He explains, "I don't have a cellphone because brain surgeons don't have them and I'm curious why. I kind of wanted to be a surgeon and I have real surgeon's hands so whenever I meet them, I quiz them."
But his lack of a cellphone has often almost cost him movie work - he almost missed out on a role in Tom Cruise's new World War Two drama Valkyrie.
His manager had to call a driver on another film set to try and get hold of Stamp: "I was impressed that she found me."
Stamp took the role in the new Hitler assassination movie when he realised director Bryan Singer had really done his homework.
He adds, "I had met a woman who knew Hitler when I was doing a Saturday morning show in England and she had told me after the show over coffee that he was a redhead, so that popped into my mind. I said to Bryan Singer, 'Did you know he was a redhead?' And he said, 'Yeah, I did hear that,' and that sort of impressed me. I thought, 'If he knows that, he must really know what he's talking about.'"