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Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho Delayed To 2021

Edgar Wright's 'Last Night in Soho' has been pushed back to next year. The 46-year-old director took to Twitter to confirm the movie is ''not quite finished yet'' due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it...

From Rocky Horror To Brokeback Mountain: 10 Lgbt Movies To See Before You Die

Hollywood is an important factor in helping the world to understand and accept the varied identities and relationships within the LGBT community. Whether they do it with comedy or shocking drama, it makes an impact...

Veteran Actor Terence Stamp Escaped Near-fatal Accident On Film Set

The Superman star, 77, reveals he was wrapping up filming on the George Mendeluk drama in Ukraine when the accident happened, leaving him crushed under the weight of the beast. He tells...

Sir Michael Caine 'Failed To Follow His Own Advice'

Terence Stamp says Sir Michael Caine has failed to follow his own career advice.The 76-year-old actor, who's started in more than 60 films during his career - including 'Billy Budd', 'Star Wars Episode I: The...

Terence Stamp Stole Clothes For Date With Brigitte Bardot

Veteran British actor Terence Stamp once stole clothes from a movie set so he could look smart for a date with screen siren Brigitte Bardot.The Superman star has revealed he went out with the Hollywood...

Terence Stamp Struggled To Keep Up With Big Drinkers

British actor Terence Stamp tried to throw himself into the wild partying culture of 1960s London but he couldn't keep up with his peers Albert Finney and Peter O'toole.The Billy Budd star socialised with the...

Gemma Arterton Wants To Be A Bond Girl "Forever"

For some people, having a label over your head for the rest of your career would hardly seem like the most appealing thing in the world, however Quantum of Solace star Gemma Arterton has admitted...

Michael Shannon's Stamp Fear

Michael Shannon cannot watch Terence Stamp's performance of General Zod in 'Superman II'. The 37-year-old star is reprising the character in forthcoming Superman movie 'Man of Steel' - starring Henry Cavill as the titular hero...

Stamp Refuses To Own A Cellphone

British actor TERENCE STAMP refuses to use a cellphone - because brain surgeons don't own mobiles. The Wanted star has always dreamed of becoming a brain surgeon and quizzes the top doctors whenever he meets...

Stamp Quashed Gay Caine Rumours Through Sex

British actor TERENCE STAMP had a unique way of quashing rumours he was having a gay affair with SIR MICHAEL CAINE in the 1960s - by sleeping with hundreds of women. The Superman baddie shared...

Caine's Flatmate Midas Touch

Veteran actor SIR MICHAEL CAINE had the Midas touch for those close to him in the 1960s - many of his flatmates went on to become internationally famous celebrities. The then-London-based ALFIE star lived with...

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