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Tenfold Loadstar

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Tenfold Loadstar - Sun and Rain single + ecard

Tenfold Loadstar Sun and Rain Single




This is the debut single from Hamburg's Tenfold Loadstar. 'Sun And Rain' is a completely spellbinding introduction to this genre-bending trio.

The Hamburg-based trio consists of Caro Garske (vocals/guitar), Bjoern Matthias (drums/electronics) and Felix Wiesner (guitar/vocals). They have been peddling their musical wares collectively since 1999, though all three had worked previously in other bands.

Tenfold Loadstar - Sun and Rain single + ecard

A distinctive and refreshing blend of heart-stoppingly beautiful vocals and lyrics, glorious acoustic guitar and strings, lush production and real alt. pop. sensibilities. References here range from Mazzy Star, Massive Attack,, electro, broken beats to Joyzipper, Matthew Herbert, Beck, Colder and beyond.

This initial single marries the Original, with a real gem of a Radio Edit/Mix from Wohlklang and a further selection of remixes which emphasise the band's appreciation of more overtly electronic forms. Finland's Jori Hulkonnen takes the lead, twisting the organic drums into more driving format and beefing up the synths to create a refreshingly dancefloor version of the track €“ still far from a cursory 'dance remix'. Next up, the Hausmeister remix adopts a more downbeat approach, with soft electronic percussion and plentiful use of the Caro's vocal. Benjamin Wild, already a minor star on the European Micro-House scene, compresses the track down to a typically minimal shuffle, opening up the track for a different style of DJ. Finally, and not a million miles away, stylistically, Frank Martinik offers up the restrained stomp of his 'Sun Dance Remix', a glitchy and gently melodic track that nods to the micro-sampling techniques of Akufen and Herbert.

Tenfold Loadstar release "Sun And Rain" in May 2004 and follow with the outstanding debut album "Mellow Garden" at the end of June 2004 on L'Age D'Or.

Both the CD and Vinyl packages have an outstanding array of remix styles, from laid back and lush to techy mixes straight for the harder and deeper clubs...The lead mix on the CD is a reworking by Wohlklang and both the vinyl and CD include the reworking by Jori Hulkkonen (F. Comm)


1. sun and rain (wohlklang radio mix) 3:22

2. sun and rain (chris single mix) 3:11

3. sun + rain (jori hulkkonen aura rmx) 7:16

4. sun + rain (hausmeister remix) 3:37

5. sun + rain (benj wild 1 rmx) 5:21

6. sun + rain (frank martinik sun dance rmx) 5:42



1. sun + rain (jori hulkkonen aura rmx) 7:16

2. sun + rain (benj wild 1 rmx) 5:21


1. sun + rain (hausmeister remix) 3:37

2. sun + rain (frank martinik sun dance rmx) 5:46

3. sun and rain (chris single mix)

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